A character in the picture book roughs I’m working on.
Licking the bowls. Rough sketch for a picture book.
Sunset detail.
Detail from a chapter book I’ve been working on.
Work in progress
Hurray for music!
Midnight in the palace gardens.
All dressed up and nowhere to go.
This is what a picture book looks like right at the start. This one is about a family, so there’s lots of things to consider - such as, what do they look like? How is their house styled? And, what sort of dog might they have? I’m favouring the dachshund at the moment.
Bees for the back cover of a young fiction project I’m working on. Buzzz.
Mouse in a hurry.
A snippet of work in progress from the second Moonlight School book,  written by Simon Puttock.
Little mouse.
Just archiving some ‘Something Missing’ files. Here’s a doodle of the Little Somethings on their pimped-up trike.